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No. 68 July/August 2017

July/August 2017



    Frosty blended drinks help keep summer’s swelter in check. Read More »

    Beyond the Pale

    The extra pale ale is brewing’s latest style. But what is it?

    Water to Wine

    Rethinking wine making for a drier, warmer world.

    Bubble Cup

    The culture-bending appeal of boba tea. Read More »

    Drinking in Technicolor

    Mexico City’s vibrant drinks culture steps onto the international stage. Read More »



    Not-so-sweet sodas, watermelon cocktails, anatomy of the Piña Colada, an inside look at Tilit, and three plays on the Arnold Palmer.

  • Watermelon Sling
  • Chile Watermelon Juice
  • Q&A with Meg Gill
  • Mixopedia

    The last stop on the miniaturization of cold.

    Taste Test

    This lesser-known lip stinger has summer written all over it. Read More »


    Ready to whip up frozen drinks all summer? You’ll need a good blender.


    Bright and lightly bitter, Aperol ventures beyond the spritz.


    How Sharelle Klaus helped start a soda revolution. Read More »

    Mix It Up

    A classic cocktail transformed for the breakfast table.

    Scene Scout

    Where to drink in Providence, Rhode Island.


    Cantaloupe takes center stage in this chilled, summery soup. Read More »


    Summer in Texas sparks fresh appreciation for the frozen Margarita. Read More »

    Bonus Articles

    Riffs: Piña Colada

    Playful riffs abound for this classic tropical cocktail. Read More »

    How Dry-Farming Can Make for More Complex Wine

    Hint: It’s all about terroir. Read More »

    How to Find the Best Mezcal in Mexico City

    A guide to making the most of a Mexico City mezcal experience. Read More »

    20 Must-Try Mezcal Cocktails

    Our collection of greatest mezcal hits. Read More »

    5 To Try: Extra Pale Ale

    The EPA can be “everything to everyone,” says contributing editor Joshua Bernstein. Read More »

    A Primer on Picpoul

    A lesser-known wine moves into a leading role. Read More »

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