Summer’s Best Blender Cocktails

Frozen cocktails are one of the greatest perks of summertime, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blender recipes. Whip up a batch of one of these frosty treats, kick back and take the edge off of that summer swelter.

Bee’s Knees
How you serve a classic cocktail when the thermometer’s hovering around the century mark?

Blended Aperol Spritz
Give that spritz a whirl in the blender.

Brazilian Cachaca Batida
A tropical blend of cachaça, coconut and sweetened condensed milk.

Carrot Daiquiri
An unexpected star ingredient makes this Daiquiri perfect for springtime sipping.

Classic Piña Colada
It doesn’t get more summery than the Piña Colada.

College Radio
A frozen update on the Eastern Sour.

Coconut Frosé
With strawberry and coconut water, this frosé is cooling to the core.

College Radio
A Trader Vic’s classic takes a spin in the blender.

Extra Fancy’s Frozen Gin & Tonic
A frozen G&T made with cooling cucumber.

Frozen Jungle Bird
The classic Jungle Bird gets a split base and goes for a spin in the blender.

Hemingway’s Downfall 
An ice-cold smack of mint and absinthe, delivered in slushy form.

Frozen Moscow Mule
Because the Moscow Mule is even better frozen.

Life on Freezy Street
A breezy blend of Sav Blanc, passion fruit, apricot, citrus and honey.

Tall as a Tree and Twice as Shady
This fresh and fruity blended Scotch sipper from Paul McGee is a modern delight.

Passion Fruit Frosé
Frosé meets passion fruit in this breezy treat.

Parson’s Negroni Slushy
The eponymous classic, blended to perfection.

Pearl Diver
Beachbum Berry reveals the secret recipe for this 1950s-era tiki classic.

Pom Royale Vermouth Slushie
Grenadine brings a kiss of sweetness to this summery blender drink.

The Rug, A Frozen White Russian
An easy-drinking blend of bourbon, coconut and coffee liqueur.

Stealth Margarita
A delicious house blend from Ghost Donkey in NYC.

Young Grasshopper
A sublimely smooth variation on the classic.