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No. 79 May/June 2019



    Truss & Twine’s Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Cosmonaut, Negroni, Manila, Captain Barnacles, The Clifton Special, Apparent Cocktail, When the Walls Fell, Flamenco Sketches, Exchange Block

  • Tropical Julep
  • No. 2 Fleet Street
  • Yardbird
  • Pearl Collins
  • Food

    Negroni-Poached Peaches



    The storied spirit enters a new era.

  • Tracing Gin's Global Diaspora
  • Free Rise

    Armed with alternative ingredients, breweries are elevating gluten-free beer.

    Place to Place

    The wine world’s new nomads are finding creative independence.

    Budding Potential

    CBD in beverages can mean big money—and big questions. Read More »

    Real Time

    Milwaukee takes a corner-bar approach to cocktails.



    Japanese vodka, five Greek wines to try, three riffs on the Cosmo, the anatomy of a Negroni, and a day in the distillery with Lauren Patz of Spirit Works.

  • Creative Mixing with Mint
  • Q&A: Ezra Star
  • Mixopedia

    The humble foot rail’s role in the history of the barroom.

    Taste Test

    Complex and compelling, Chenin Blanc shines worldwide. Read More »


    Up your garnish game with these home-bar tools.


    Bartenders are bringing genever into the modern cocktail era.


    Alice Jun puts everything into her makgeolli brewery in Brooklyn.

    Drinks Atlas

    Spain’s Sherry Triangle.

    Scene Scout

    Jason Zuliani on where to drink in Burlington, Vermont.


    The quintessential Italian cocktail finds a peachy new medium.


    Celebrating 100 years of the Negroni in its Italian homeland.

    Bonus Articles

    A Beginner's Guide to Chenin Blanc

    Fizzy or still, fruity or dry, there’s a Chenin Blanc for everyone. Read More »

    A Primer on Sherry Wines

    An intro to the diverse and historically rooted style of wine. Read More »

    10 to Try: Genever Cocktails

    Whether swizzled or stirred, genever is supremely mixable. Read More »

    Six-Pack: Gluten-Free Beers

    Gluten-free beers have come a long way—check out some favorites. Read More »

    Springtime Sherry Cocktails

    Warm-weather drinks that let sherry take the lead. Read More »

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