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Frequently working double duty as both a flavoring and beautifying element of cocktails, mint is integral to drink recipes around the globe. With some 18 different species of the largely perennial herb documented across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America, the Mentha genus is one tough cookie—able to grow in a diverse range of environments in seemingly endless supply. From teas to jellies to syrups, mint appears in many culinary forms, but its fresh flavor is especially at home in cocktails. Here are some recipes that put the herb in a starring role.

Absinthe Frappe
A refreshing mix of absinthe, mint and soda water.

Bold Botanist
An homage to one of America’s greatest national parks made with gin, lime and egg white.

Daiquiri Menta
The classic Daiq goes into the blender with créme de menthe and mint.

Garden Party
An aquavit cocktail bursting with snap pea and mint flavor.

Ginger Rogers
Mint, gin and ginger get friendly in this San Francisco treat.

Hemingway’s Downfall
An ice-cold smack of mint and absinthe, delivered in slushy form.

Mojito Caballito
The classic Mojito gets the mellow addition of dry vermouth.

Old Cuban
What you get when you marry a Mojito and a French 75.

Old Maid
Gin, juice, and a squeeze of minty, cucumber freshness flavor this lowball sipper.

Pitcher of Mojitos
Mint syrup makes the assembly of this patio classic a little easier.

Queen’s Park Swizzle
Ice-cold rum and bitters swizzle together with mint and lime juice.

Rickey Ricardo
The Mojito meets the Rickey in this tropical mashup.

Rye Smash
Harding’s uses rye whiskey, but you can sub any spirit into the recipe.

Southside Fizz
A classic gin cocktail lengthened by club soda.

Spaceface from Young American
A tequila cocktail with lots of minty-fresh goodness.

The West 8th
This Southside riff that brings cucumber and vodka to the mix.

Watermelon and Mint Punchin’ Bag
Choose your own flavor adventure with this creative recipe.

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