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March/April 2024 cover

No. 108: March/April 2024

March/April 2024 cover

I spent a few minutes with my eyes closed before writing this. For the usual reasons, you know: to focus, enjoy the quiet, find some clarity, and maybe nod off for a few moments during an otherwise busy day.

Many of us are taking our foot off the gas a bit more frequently, it seems, and the reasons are obvious. Between political tumult, an ongoing wave of grim news, and the incessant hubbub of social media, we’re all in need for the outside world to just shut the hell up for a few precious minutes.

Which brings us to the Vermouth Hour, La Hora del Vermut, a lovely European invention that we’re gradually discovering in the U.S. Observing it is simple: Gather a friend or two. Find a table or stools at a favorite spot. Order an aperitif—nothing too boozy, something made for sipping (vermouth is the obvious and delicious option). Order a snack. Don’t talk about politics, or work, or stare at your phones. Breathe for a few minutes. Forget all that, out there. Repeat.

We’re coming at you hard with the relaxation vibes in this issue. If you’re new to the notion of drinking vermouth (or could use a brushup on the category), we’ve got you covered starting, with an exploration of everything vermouth-related, so you’ll be primed and ready when Vermouth Hour rolls around. Need more in the aperitif vein? We’ve also got a tasting roundup of blanc vermouths, and cocktail ideas with vermouth’s good friend Cocchi Americano.

The beer world is experiencing its own level of tumult these days, and in response, many craft brewers are turning to easy-to-love beers that promise flavor without the fuss; Josh Bernstein brings us that story. Spanish wine also brings us much to enjoy without stuffiness or pretense, and Jenny Fiedler looks at how this is translating through to American bars and restaurants. And Irish pubs are a mainstay for stepping away from the outside world for an hour or two; Pableaux Johnson digs into how the classic pub is evolving on the international stage.

We’ve also got Robert Simonson sipping his way through the venerable Lime Rickey, a tour of the Alto Adige wine region, ideas on where to drink in Tucson, and an introduction to influential importers Henry and Nikki Preiss. And if you think vermouth is nice and everything but what you’re really craving is a creamy Grasshopper or Banana Banshee? No worries—Wayne Curtis has you covered with this round of Mixopedia.

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Recipes in the Issue

vermouth coffee cocktail by Sother Teague of Amaro y Amargo

Black Tunic: A Vermouth Cocktail


Chrysanthemum Cocktail

Clover Club 2.0

Clover Club 2.0

Ric Pear blanc vermouth cocktail by Ro Sham Beaux

Ric Pear Blanc: A Vermouth Cocktail

Lamb for Joann Rebekah Peppler

Vermouth-Braised Lamb for Joann

Penelope Bass
Vermut Preparado vermouth cocktail

Vermut Preparado

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