10 to Try: Genever Cocktails

Gin as we know it today wouldn’t exist without the creation of genever. The spirit, which is made with pot-distilled malt wine and flavored with juniper and other botanicals, dates back to the Middle Ages when juniper-tinged spirits were used to fight the plague. Genever’s unique mixability has made it a favorite among modern bartenders—here are 10 modern genever cocktails to get to know.

Barbadian Swizzle
Malty Dutch gin meets cooling coconut water in this summer swizzle.

Cheater Tin Julep
A minty mix of malty genever, Cynar and white Port.

Dutch Cocoa
This recipe combines genever, hot chocolate and Green Chartreuse in one package.

Kalamazoo Julep
A double dose of celery adds layers of refreshment in this genever-based julep.

Mess Around
A decadent mix of genever, sherry, coconut and cold-brew.

Million Dollar Cocktail
The 19th-century cocktail gets a delicious update.

My Fair Lady
A variation on the Brooklyn cocktail.

Red Light Negroni
A cheeky homage to the Red-light District in Amsterdam.

The Dutch Connection
This lovely springtime twist on the G&T has a boozy backbone.

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