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With styles that span the flavor spectrum, sherry is a versatile ingredient that lends unique complexity to cocktails. Click here to learn more about sherry, then explore mixing your favorite style in these warm-weather recipes.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
Cold-brew coffee meets red wine, sherry, lemon and tonic.

The B-Side
This low-ABV hit combines fino sherry and gin with fresh citrus, mint and seltzer.

Belafonte Spritz
A refreshing aperitif from Sydney with gin and fino sherry.

Esplanade Swizzle
Mezcal and amontillado sherry meet in this summery swizzle.

Flame of Love
This vodka and fino sherry drink was created at a Beverly Hills bar for Dean Martin.

Lo Sagrado
A semi-tropical, low-abv option for brunch made with oloroso sherry.

Mary Astor
An amontillado and gin cocktail that’s so refreshing, you’ll want a second round.

No Vermouth in Duluth
Fresh lime juice and pineapple syrup brighten this sherry cobbler.

Pisces Rising
Manzanilla sherry shines in this Peruvian pisco cocktail from Leyenda.

Seaworthy’s Goldfinch
Low proof is the name of the game in this refreshing fino highball.

Rebujito Sherry Punch 
A perfect low-proof party punch made with manzanilla sherry.

Sherry and Tonic
An amontillado sherry base makes this gentle enough to sip all afternoon.

Spruce Goose
Gin, amontillado sherry, orgeat, absinthe and cucumber make for a cooling glass of goodness.

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