The Ultimate Guide to Negroni Riffs

Negroni Week is back again, and this year we’ve got a more impressive lineup of Negroni-inspired than ever before! Bookmark our collection of delicious riffs to keep the festivities going at home, and be sure to visit a participating bar near you to drink for a good cause.

Blessed Thistle
Two kinds of Italian amari meld with Campari, bitters and London dry gin.

Classic Boulevardier  
A cousin of the Negroni, the Boulvardier subs in bourbon for gin.

Cold-Brew Coffee Negroni
Why use gin when you can get a little caffeinated push from cold-brew?

Dante’s Negroni Bianco 
Test your Negroni mixing mettle with this gorgeous riff from Naren Young.

Dessert Negroni
Italian Chinotto soda and blood orange sorbet add sweetness to the Negroni.

Dr. Melfi’s Medicine
A refreshing “Negroni for beginners” from Charleston.

Frozen Negroni
Give it the blender treatment for a super-refreshing Frozen Negroni.

Italian G&T
The Negroni meets the G&T at Whitechapel in San Francisco.

Jamaican Negroni
Two times the rum means double the fun in this Negroni relative from Julian Cox.

The Jitney Negroni
A Negroni riff with two types of Cinzano vermouth, mezcal, coffee and absinthe.

Kula Negroni
Strawberry-infused Campari sets a jeweled tone in this spin from Julie Reiner.

Lodge Negroni
In this Negroni variation, scotch replaces gin, and coffee liqueur enters the mix.

Lucky Negroni 
This White Negroni has a salty, savory edge thanks to green Chartreuse and celery bitters.

Parson’s Frozen Negroni Slushy 
Who doesn’t love a slushy? This Negroni riff from Chicago should do the trick.

My Fair Lady 
Hopped Grapefruit bitters flirt with floral pisco in in this Negroni riff from Texas.

Negroni Frappe
Fresh orange juice balances Meletti’s bitterness in Naren Young’s crushable take on the Negroni.

Negroni Sour
Frothy egg whites and a citrusy lift of orange and lemon juices take the Negroni to new heights.

Negroni Sbagliato
Said to be the result of a busy bartender mistakenly using sparkling wine instead of gin.

Por Do Sol 
Cachaça and Dolin Blanc share the glass with Campari and Orange Cream Citrate bitters.

Rad Negroni, Bro
It’s hard to believe it took this long for the Negroni and Stiegl radler to combine forces.

Red Eye Negroni
A flavorful coffee infusion elevates this Negroni variation.

Red Light Negroni
Using the classic Negroni formula, this recipe swaps out gin for genever.

The Rizzo from Billy Sunday
Rhubarb syrup, fresh citrus and sparkling wine make this cocktail perfect for spring and summer.

Rosé Negroni
Gin steps aside for two types of rosé in this low-ABV stunner.

Sailor’s Negroni
This twist mixes smoky mezcal and roasty coffee liqueur.

Sloe gin replaces sweet vermouth in this simple riff.

The Stiletta
Campari and star anise coexist harmoniously in this riff from Phil Ward.

Strange Weaver 
San Francisco bartender Dominic Alling created this rum-based refresher.

Squeaky Wheel
Coffee liqueur and amaretto add new dimension to this Negroni-inspired cocktail.

This Negroni riff introduces a spiced tea infusion to the mix.

That’s Amore
Tequila and Braulio amaro take this spin into more herbaceous territory.

V.O.C Genever Negroni 
Genever adds a sweet, malty presence to this Negroni riff.

White Negroni Sbagliato
A fusion of two beloved Negroni variations.

White Negroni Daiquiri
A mashup of two classic cocktails—the White Negroni and the Daiquiri.