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The Summer of the Gin & Tonic

A variation for every mood.
summer drinks

The 2016 Summer Drinks Issue is Here!

Your guide to the season's best wine, beer, cocktails and alcohol-free drinks.

Toby Cecchini’s Favorite Gin & Tonic

The New York barkeep shares the recipe and story behind the drink he calls My Father’s Gin & Tonic.

Sean Kenyon on the Importance of the Neighborhood Bar

Third-generation bartender Sean Kenyon weighs in on what makes for a great neighborhood bar.
neighborhood bar

Neighborhood Bars: A Center for Community Politics

A political meeting in a Park Slope bar reminds executive editor Paul Clarke of the neighborhood bar's enduring importance in community affairs.
jim rutledge

Jim Rutledge Announces Crowdfunded Distillery Project

The $5 million Indiegogo effort picked up close to $6,000 in its first three hours.
jim meehan

Jim Meehan on Cocktail Trends For The Next Decade

Jim Meehan talks about the democratization of the cocktail, how climate change will challenge bartenders, and more.
aperitif wines

Aperitif Wines Make a Comeback

Executive editor Paul Clarke explores the resurgence.

Imbibe’s 10th Anniversary Issue

A decade is a major milestone by just about any measure. Here's what you'll find inside the new issue.
angostura bitters

Elements: Angostura Bitters

Bartenders have increasingly been using the potent blend as a cocktail base.

Inside Look: Whitechapel, San Francisco

Whitechapel in San Francisco boasts a design scheme inspired by the London underground.

Introducing: Imbibe’s Design Issue

For this issue of Imbibe we’re doing things a little differently— we’re looking at drinks through a design-oriented lens.

History Lesson: Improved Cocktails

Jerry Thomas was the original master of cocktail riffs, aka "Improved Cocktails."

2016 Wine Person of the Year: Juliette Pope

Meet Imbibe’s 2016 Wine Person of the Year, Juliette Pope of New York City.

2016 Bartender of the Year: Meaghan Dorman

Meet Imbibe’s 2016 Bartender of the Year, Meaghan Dorman of New York City.

2016: The Year of the Neighborhood Bar

Some of life’s best moments take place in the bars where we pause in the narrow window between work and home.

2016 Wine Bar of the Year: Union Larder, San Francisco

Get an inside look at San Francisco's gorgeous Union Larder, our 2016 Wine Bar of the Year.

Introducing the 2016 Imbibe 75

This year’s Imbibe 75 is made up of many up-and-coming (and some familiar) drinkmakers, places and flavors that should be on every imbiber’s agenda.
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