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The September/October 2019 Issue

As the business and culture of drinks has boomed and spread, it’s not only the pace of change that’s increased, but the scale of it, as well. This enormous shift is perhaps most pronounced in the beer world. With thousands more breweries added to the ranks in recent years, both new and established brewers are increasingly scrambling to stay viable and competitive. For our cover story, contributing editor Joshua Bernstein finds out how some of these brewers are adapting to these changes, from diversifying portfolios with other beverages, to merging and consolidating their businesses in an effort to stay afloat.

Distilling, too, has seen a major upheaval in the past decade, and many craft distillers are looking for a secret weapon to make their whiskies stand out. As Jake Emen shares, many of them are turning to master blender and spirits consultant Nancy Fraley for answers.

The drinks world is seeing geographical shifts, too. Great wine comes from established varietals in Europe and America, right? As Jennifer Fiedler writes, sommeliers and small producers are introducing drinkers to Australian wines that are shifting the idea of what exceptional wine looks like. And at a time when global soda giants are household names around the world, Korsha Wilson explores how Caribbean sodas still hold a particular appeal among the island’s diaspora, as well as among curious drinkers.

And while major cities were once the primary homes to great cocktail bars, Wayne Curtis travels to Halifax to show how smaller cities around the world are becoming must-visit destinations in their own right. Finally, after years of navigating the cocktail renaissance, which long propped up certain drinks as “good” while dismissing those deemed “bad,” Carrie Allan offers a refreshing alternative: drink what you want.

Change may be constant, but the drinks landscape remains as fascinating as ever, so join us on the journey. Click here to buy a copy of this issue now, or click here to subscribe for an entire year.

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