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No. 63 Sept/Oct 2016

beer issue
beer issue


    Like a Good Neighbor

    Local breweries are bettering their communities by the pint. Read More »

    The Great Divide

    Between the notions of craft and crafty lies an ever-shifting debate. Wayne Curtis considers 10 questions to ask every distiller when you’re looking for the real thing.

    Shifting Course

    Leaving restaurants behind, sommeliers are creating new futures in wine.

    Garden Party

    Fall’s fresh produce makes its way into the glass.

    Familiar Territory

    Long renowned for its wineries, Healdsburg is becoming a destination for cider, spirits and more. Read More »



    Five rich-flavored smoked beers, anatomy of the Dublin Iced Coffee, carrot cocktails, and Chicago chef Rick Bayless on opening his new beer-centric restaurant.

  • Meet the Maker: Ramiro Herrera
  • Three Ways: Earl Grey Tea Cocktails
  • Behind the Bar

    Visiting Bryant’s, Milwaukee’s contrary lounge. Read More »

    Taste Test

    Shifting from summer to fall with the bright earthiness of Dolcetto.


    Eye-catching vessels for your favorite saké.


    Cognac’s cousin holds court in cocktails.


    Marty Jones is brewing’s best behind-the-scenes promoter.

    Mix It Up

    When autumn’s apples meet bourbon, great things can happen. Read More »

    Scene Scout

    Standby co-owner and bartender Joe Robinson on where to drink in Detroit.


    Sweet prunes and salty olives balance perfectly in this autumnal relish.


    Making a new city your home starts with finding the right bar. Read More »

    Bonus Articles

    The Craft of the Master Cooper

    Master Cooper Ramiro Herrera on what it takes to make a wine barrel. Read More »

    Inside Look: Standby

    Bookmark this downtown bar for your next trip to Detroit. Read More »

    Brewery Co-ops Fuel a Sense of Community

    Brewery co-ops don’t just benefit their members. Read More »

    The Journey from Farm to Glass at Jordan Winery

    Watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes look at the winemaking process. Read More »

    Finding Tea with Joseph Wesley

    The Detroit-based tea importer scours Asia for the best teas to bring back to America. Read More »

    Apple Cider Cocktails for Fall

    Here are some of the best ways to put those extra fruits to use at your home bar this autumn. Read More »

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