Apple Cider Cocktails For Fall

Apple season is in full bloom, and the juicy sweetness of apple cider—whether it’s fresh and unfiltered, hard, or used as a syrup or reduction—mixes beautifully in cocktails. Here are some of the best ways to put those extra fruits to use at your home bar this autumn.

Black Twig
A modern take on the classic cider drink, featuring gin instead of the more common whiskey.

Caricofi Shandy
Cynar forms the base of this apple cider shandy recipe.

Cider House Rules
Tequila anchors this crisp and herbaceous cocktail from Zen and Tonic.

Cider, Thyme and Tonic Mocktail
This seasonal fall tonic is an ideal alcohol-free option for fall festivities.

Cider Lowball
Unfiltered apple cider meets bourbon, vanilla syrup, a touch of Bénédictine in this recipe.

Dominican Spiced Cider
The longer this warming spiced cider with wine and rum sits, the more flavorful the punch, so it’s good to make in advance.

Ginger Apple Cider
With Bourbon, bitters, apple cider and ginger syrup, this cocktail combines offers a little sweetness and a little spice.

Maine Hot Fire
Ghost pepper tincture adds a punch of heat to this warming blend of whiskey, maple syrup and cider.

Snake Bit Sprout
Chamomile was once used as a southern remedy for snake bites; the flowers now perfume this refreshing cocktail, which also features pineapple juice and hard cider.

Turnbull Tipple
Scotch and ginger find harmony with strawberries and hard cider in this highball.