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Floral, earthy, and slightly acidic with the suggestion of sweetness, cold-brew coffee is a dream candidate for mixing into cocktails. Building upon the long canon of classic coffee cocktails like the Irish Coffee and the Espresso Martini, drinks utilizing cold brew aim more refreshing than their predecessors while still capturing coffee’s bold flavors. Here are some of our favorites showing off cold-brew coffee’s range as both the star and the sidekick.

All Father’s Eye A medley of warm spices defines this cold-brew cocktail.

âme sœur A decadent combo of Chartreuse, amaro, coffee, coconut and cream.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning Cold-brew coffee meets red wine, sherry, lemon and tonic.

Back in Black Stout and coffee have always been a natural pair.

Black Hole Sun Whiskey wakes up with cold brew.

Broad Street Irish Coffee A cold update on the hot drink.

Capo Lavoro A simple Americano riff.

Capulina Coffee, amaro and mezcal create a heavenly mix of smoke and spice.

Cold-Brew Martini A cool take on the Espresso Martini.

Cold-Brew Coffee Negroni Coffee and Campari come together in perfect harmony.

Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic This recipe works well with many types of coffee and gin.

Koffie & Tonic Genever warms up this cold-brew and tonic from Singapore.

Kold Brew Americano Cold-brew and Campari blend seamlessly in this take on the Americano. 

Maple Leaf A cast of fall flavors that make for an excellent brunch drink.

Me Quiero Casar A creamy cold-brew cocktail.

Not So Late Night Tonic This ultra-refreshing cocktail brings the best flavor of coffee to the glass without the caffeine.

Oat Milk & Honey A combo of bourbon, crème de cacao, cold-brew coffee, oat milk and honey. 

Roman Holiday An Italian Jungle Bird spiked with cold-brew.

Sinn Sisamouth in the Second City Bourbon serves as the base of this bittersweet stirred number.

Strato Dessert Cocktail A drink that is equal parts pick-me-up and tuck-me-in, made with amaro.

Summer in Oulu Aquavit and Fernet-Branca meet cold-brew.

Wipeout Cold brew brings a bittersweet acidity to this tropical highball.

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