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Throughout each year, we continually source the best cocktail recipes we can find, ones that will also be relatively straightforward to mix at home. The recipes we feature are typically a blend of originals from today’s bartenders as well as updated or adapted classics. Looking back on 2021, here are the most popular cocktail recipes featured on the Imbibe website—a mouthwatering medley of forgotten classics, agave-forward sippers, and yes, plenty of Old Fashioned riffs—presented in alphabetical order.

Airmail A supercharged Daiquiri made with honey and Champagne.

Benny Blanco A light and approachable Negroni variation with a kick of spice.

California Cooler A bubbly and herbaceous gin cocktail.

Cameron’s Kick A classic Scotch cocktail for modern palates.

Cyrano Richness abounds in this contemporary cocktail from Death & Co.

Death & Taxes A modern classic from Michael Madrusan, made with a split base of gin and scotch.

Fourth Regiment A classic that takes notes from the standard Manhattan recipe.

Great Silence Mezcal meets maraschino liqueur, Campari, lime, and orgeat.

Humble Pie A seasonal cocktail inspired by the flavors of apple pie.

Islay Daiquiri Smoky scotch adds extra depth to this riff.

King of Barbados Calvados and allspice dram lend fruity spice to a base of rum, lemon, and honey.

Millionaire Cocktail This rendition of the classic features a fruity medley of rum, apricot, and sloe gin.

Optimist Old Fashioned A delicious mashup of two bold whiskey drinks.

Mr. Prado A semi-tropical tequila cocktail from Baja.

Peligroso A glass of bittersweet goodness from La Factoría.

Superflat Old Fashioned A nutty, earthy take on the classic.

Surf School Swizzle A fresh and fruity rum-fueled swizzle.

Swimming Upstream A tequila cocktail that matches sweet strawberry with spicy ginger.

Velvet Touch The spice of rye whiskey meets the richness of Amaro Nonino and PX sherry.

Widow’s Kiss A beguiling take on a classic.

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