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Tour Our 2016 Beer Bar of the Year: Modern Times Beer

Take a peek inside the working brewery's taproom.

2016 Beer Person of the Year: New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Salazar

Lauren Woods Salazar is the specialty brand manager and wood cellar blender for New Belgium.

Best American Ciders To Try

The world of homegrown cider is bold and varied right now. Here are the brands to pick up.
cider-nat-west-horizontal-crdt terry manier

American Cider Goes Mainstream

Instead of aligning themselves with wineries, many cideries are cross-pollinating with breweries. Contributor Josh Bernstein reports.
an-bui-crdt patricia lyons

Characters: An Bui

An Bui built America’s most unlikely beer empire.
matt-brynildson-vertical-crdt jeff clark

Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson

Firestone Walker brewmaster Matt Brynildson is making the best beer you’ve likely never tasted.
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Canned Craft Beer Grows Up

Once knocked as a novelty, canned beer is experiencing a comeback. Contributing editor Josh Bernstein with the story.

Farmer Brewers Are Growing Local Beer

For the ultimate taste of place, some brewers are growing their own barley, hops and fruit, as well as harvesting yeast strains and building farmstead breweries.
Beer-Wine Hybrids

Brewers Borrow From Wine’s Playbook to Create Deliciously Novel Beers

To bridge the chasm between barley and grapes, brewers are dipping deeper into winemakers’ tool kits to create hybrids that defy neat categorization.
defining craft beer

Defining Craft Beer

Thirty years ago, America’s beer market was basted in black-and-white. Now, perception is no longer so easily colored. What does "craft" mean moving forward?

Evolution of IPAs

If there’s an archetype of American craft brewing, it’s the IPA, but as America’s craft-beer scene has evolved, so has its approach.

The Spice is Right

Increasingly, craft brewers are ditching hops for herbs, creating adventurous brews that challenge beer’s basic definition. Contributor Joshua M. Bernstein finds out why.
Bend Beer Scene

Bend, Oregon Beer

Contributor Joshua Bernstein looks at the booming beer culture in Bend, Oregon.
solera beer

Solera Beer

joe tucker

Joe Tucker of RateBeer

american mead

American Mead

cream of the crop

American Cream Ales

texas beer scene

Texas Beer Scene