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No. 75 Sept/Oct 2018


    The Outsiders

    As beer goes increasingly local, breweries are finding new ways to fit in far from home.

    Walk the Line

    Exploring the wild diversity of Jamaican rum. Read More »

    Culture Shift

    American brewers are betting that this is saké’s moment. Read More »

    Old Flame

    How Hong Kong’s last tea roasters are preserving traditional tieguanyin. Read More »

    Double Take

    Cocktail culture takes root in the Twin Cities.



    Navy-strength gin, cocktail cherries, tomatillo cocktails, the anatomy of the Boulevardier, and authors Dana Frank and Andrea Slonecker on why wine is always better with food.

  • Espresso Martinis
  • Pour-over stands from The Coffee Registry
  • Mixopedia

    The ice cube tray’s historical arc, from aluminum to silicone. Read More »

    Taste Test

    Sour IPAs balance the boldness of two favorite beer styles.


    Look beyond garbage-bound plastic for your next drink straw. Read More »


    A classic aperitif adds a graceful touch to cocktails. Read More »


    Kuan Lim turned a motel’s Chinese restaurant into a wine destination. Read More »

    Mix It Up

    A decadent dessert for beer lovers.

    Scene Scout

    Artillery Bar general manager Ian Kesson on where to drink in Savannah, Georgia.


    Riesling is a natural match for this riff on a traditional Korean dish.


    In Vietnam, happiness can often be found in an ice-cold glass of bia hơi. Read More »

    Bonus Articles

    Espresso Martini Riffs

    Creative riffs that prove the cocktail's staying power.  Read More »

    A Tasting Guide to Jamaican Rums

    Bottles that should be on your radar (and a few yet to enter the States). Read More »

    5 To Try: Jamaican Rum Cocktails

    Explore the nuances of Jamaican rum via these creative recipes. Read More »

    Inside Look: Brooklyn Kura

    The new brewery makes saké with a distinctly New York character. Read More »

    Understanding the Language of Saké

    Lessons from Jessica Joly of Tokyo Record Bar. Read More »

    Inside Look: Artillery, Savannah

    If the walls of this bar could talk, they’d have volumes of history to relay. Read More »

    Marco Zappia's Road Back to the Bar

    How the 26-year-old rose through the ranks of the Minneapolis bar scene. Read More »

    How to Explore Tea in Hong Kong

    Writer Max Falkowitz on what to know and where to go. Read More »

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