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The stats surrounding single-use plastic straws are shocking: around 500 million discarded straws in a day, enough in a year to wrap around the Earth two and a half times. Fortunately, reusable and single-use biodegradable substitutes made of various materials—glass, paper, bamboo, even hay—have been filling glasses lately, replacing plastic as more eco-friendly options. Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the best reusable or compostable options available today.

Aardvark Eco-Flex Paper Straws
Why we like it: Aardvark’s paper goods utilize non-toxic, BPA-and chlorine-free materials. The brand’s American-made straws are compostable and marine degradable, promising durability through the duration of a drink in a rainbow of designs ranging from stars and stripes to sea turtles. Price varies,

Bambu Straws
Why we like it: In the bamboo business for more than 15 years, Bambu claims to produce the only certified-organic straws on the market. The shoots used in their low-impact straws are sourced from China, where they’re grown without pesticides and chemicals, then carved into straws and finished in local woodworking workshops. Shaped by nature, these straws vary in size and arrive with a plant-based cleaning brush. $9.50 pack of 6,

Hay! Straws
Why we like it: Spurred into action by a viral video showing a sea turtle with a plastic straw in its nostril, Hay! Straws got down to business. These delicate biodegradable straws are made from hardened wheat stems, a natural by-product of wheat production, and they look lovely in everything from iced coffee to cocktails. $8 pack of 100,

juiceglass Glass Straw
Why we like it: Durable borosilicate glass forms these bent (but not bendy) straws, available in an array of colors. Handmade by Oregon-based glass artist Carli Schultz of juiceglass, these cheerful straws measure 9 inches long and are the perfect way to dress up drinks. When you’re done, simply pop them in the dishwasher. $38 pack of 4,

Why we like it: KoffieStraw is a durable silicone straw designed specifically for hot beverages. This 10-inch dishwasher-safe straw is bendy, easily transportable, cleaning brush–equipped, and efficient when stuck in everything from a morning brew to afternoon smoothies. $12.50 pack of 2,

W&P Metal Straw
Why we like it: W&P Design offers some of our favorite bar gear, and their 10-inch-long straight metal straws—made from stainless steel and available in gold, copper or silver color—are perfect for plunking into a highball glass. $17 pack of 4,

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