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As Paul Clarke reports in the September/October 2018 issue, Jamaican rum is truly distinctive in the world of rum. Across the United States, bartenders are finding ways to highlight the nuances of Jamaica’s signature spirit in cocktails. Sometimes used as supporting ingredient, like in Grand Army’s Black Mesa or The Highwayman from Death & Co., or as one of several rums in a tiki drink (see Alkala The FierceCoffee Grog or the Baby Zombie), Jamaican rums provide a wild range of mixing possibilities, but here are five recipes that let the spirit take a leading role.

Dreadlock Holiday
A tropical take on the White Negroni.

Jamaican Negroni
Two kinds of Jamaican rum means double the fun.

 Kona Cocktail
A classic tiki recipe recently unearthed by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.

Lost Lake Cocktail
A host of tropical ingredients support aged Jamican rum in Lost Lake’s house cocktail.

The Italian Job
Don’t let the name fool you: This cocktail is anchored by Jamaican rum.

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