No. 83: January/February 2020

January/February 2020 Issue



    A new Haitian clairin, kiwi cocktails, three takes on the Jungle Bird, Texas wine recs from Houston somm June Rodil, the anatomy of the Alaska cocktail, and Speed Rack co-founders Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero on the evolution of the event, cultural shifts in the bar industry, and the importance of mentorship.

  • A day with Stumptown’s Richard La
  • Mixopedia

    Who served the last drink before Prohibition? Read More »

    Taste Test

    Ginger beer shows off the spice’s versatility.


    Any time is tea time with the right brewing tools.

    Drinks Atlas

    Bardstown, Kentucky.


    Earl Grey tea adds wintery complexity to the beloved blondie. Read More »


    Remembering the costs of Prohibition on its 100th anniversary. Read More »

    Bonus Articles

    Mimi Casteel's Field of Dreams

    Our Wine Person of the Year demonstrates how regenerative farming is not only better for the earth, but better for the wine. Read More »

    A Guide to Fresh-Pressed Sugarcane Distillates

    Confused about what makes clairin different other fresh-pressed sugarcane spirits? We’ve got a guide for that. Read More »

    With Mezcal, Bricia Lopez Tells the Story of Mexican-American Culture

    With a new book, a new bar program and a mission to illuminate the modern immigrant experience, Lopez is among our 2020 People to Watch. Read More »

    How Tahiirah Habibi Aims to Diversify Wine

    Meet one of our Imbibe 75 People to Watch in 2020. Read More »

    Chain Reaction: How Cocktail Bars are Branching Out to New Cities

    Can bars like Death & Co, Billy Sunday and Mother’s Ruin find success beyond their hometowns? Read More »

    Person to Watch: Heather Greene

    Greene aims to make American whiskies that bear a Texas imprint. Read More »

    What #IamCraftBeer Means to the Beer Commumity

    How a hashtag sparked a much-needed conversation about diversity. Read More »

    Inside Look: Verve Roastery Del Sur

    The newest spot from Verve Coffee is awash in sunny midcentury vibes. Read More »

    Sahra Nguyen Reclaims Vietnamese Coffee

    Why Nguyen is one of our Imbibe 75 People to Watch. Read More »

    10 Jungle Bird Riffs

    A flock of variations on the retro tropical classic. Read More »

    Marfa Spirits Aims to Make Spirits in a Distinctly West Texas Style 

    The new distillery has set its sights on making regional versions of sotol and whiskey. Read More »

    Classic Cocktails Find a Comfortable Home at Lazy Bird in Chicago

    Obscure classics come out of the shadows thanks to bartender Lee Zaremba. Read More »

    People to Watch: Kofi Meroe and Amado Carsky of Sankofa Brewing

    The duo are fermenting a new multicultural future for beer. Read More »

    In Portland, Oregon, Scotch Lodge Defies Whisky Stereotypes

    Approachable cocktails showcase whisky in delicious new ways. Read More »