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Treasure Chest From Nitecap


nitecapFrom our Imbibe 75 2020 Bartender of the Year, Natasha David of Nitecap in NYC, comes this lovely mix of red wine, sparkling wine, sherry, Lillet, and cinnamon syrup.

2 oz. Gamay (or another jammy red wine)
1 oz. Lillet Rouge
1 oz. chai-infused oloroso sherry
1 oz. sparkling wine
¼ oz. cinnamon syrup
Tools: barspoon
Glass: wine glass

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled glass and stir.

Chai-Infused Oloroso Sherry: In a quart-size container, combine 10 grams of masala chai with one 750 ml. bottle of oloroso sherry (such as Lustau). Let steep for 1 hour, then strain and bottle for use.

Natasha David, Nitecap, New York City

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