No. 81: September/October 2019



    Queensland Cold Brew, Fetil & Bazza, Panyo Panyo, Maracuya Sour, Frozen Pisco Sour, Michelada, Cub Room Cocktail, Cel Out, First Salute, The Witches, Midnight Sun, Menta Wray, Stargazing with Galileo, Jack's Rose

  • Dead Poet
  • Food

    Roasted King Trumpet Mushrooms With Red Wine–Miso Sauce


    Fermenting Change

    How craft breweries are evolving in an increasingly competitive beer market. Read More »

    Why Not Aquavit?

    A Scandinavian-born spirit still awaits its big break.

    Australia's New Wave

    Small producers and sommeliers are giving Australian wine a fresh start in the U.S.

    Pop Art

    Island sodas spread Caribbean flavor around the world. Read More »

    On the Edge

    Halifax finally gets a seat at the bar.



    An Australian coffee liqueur, the unsung wines of Michigan, tomato cocktails, three riffs on the Pisco Sour, the anatomy of the Michelada, a day with Sonoma winemaker Katy Wilson, and Jancis Robinson on the natural wine movement, climate change, and selecting bottles for the Queen.


    The complicated appeal of the rimmed cocktail.

    Taste Test

    Make your next cold one a zero-proof one.


    Hone your home brew with tools for making better beer.


    The simple grapefruit’s not so simple when it comes to cocktails.


    Nancy Fraley is craft distilling’s secret weapon.

    Drinks Atlas

    Munich, Germany.

    Scene Scout

    Cris Dehlavi on where to drink in Columbus, Ohio.


    Roasted mushrooms take center stage with a savory red wine–miso sauce.


    Drink what you like.

    Bonus Articles

    Riffs: Spicing up the Michelada

    Creative variations on the classic. Read More »

    Perfect Day: Where to Drink in Halifax

    Exploring Halifax’s drinkscape with Bar Kismet owner Jenner Cormier. Read More »