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With its perfect balance of earthiness and sweet heat, ginger threads a spicy needle through cocktails. Here are a few ways to bring the spice’s signature snap of flavor to your next drink via ginger juice, syrup, liqueur or ginger beer.

Alternative Medicine
A spice-forward mix of apple brandy, rum, honey, lemon and ginger syrup.

El Diablo
One of the most iconic cocktails in the tequila canon, made with ginger beer.

Fly By Night
Scotch and ginger liqueur find sweet harmony in this bitters-boosted cocktail.

Gin Crown
Gin and genever share billing with citrus, walnut and ginger beer.

Ginger Julep
Ginger liqueur gives this simple riff the perfect kick of sweet heat.

Ginger Rogers
Mint, gin and ginger syrup get friendly in this San Francisco treat.

Ginger Apple Cider
This apple cider cocktail combines the flavors of fall with ginger syrup.

Going for Gold
A perfectly crushable orange wine cocktail made with sherry and ginger syrup.

Gold Dust
A dose of ginger liqueur adds a golden glimmer to this rye-based cocktail.

I Don’t Carrot All
Coconut cream lends a velvety sweetness to this carrot and ginger syrup medley.

Monte Mule
This Amaro-based spin on the Moscow Mule features ginger beer.

Mortimer & Mauve
Chai-infused vermouth, rye whiskey and ginger liqueur make a trifecta of flavor.

Northwest Sour
Pear brandy finds a perfect match in mezcal, ginger and lime.

Mexican aguardiente meets Branca Menta, fresh ginger juice and cola in this cooling highball.

Cappelletti joins a bouquet of gin, ginger syrup and grapefruit.

Penicillin Cocktail
Many consider Sam Ross’ ginger-tinged Penicillin recipe part of the canon of modern classics.

Rose Gold
Gin and ginger syrup shine in this bright and floral cocktail from Denver.

Scurvy Root
The Dark ‘N Stormy meets the Mojito.

Smoke & Mirrors
The heat of jalapeño makes the pineapple and ginger flavors pop in this mezcal cocktail.

This & That
Inspired by the Penicillin cocktail by Sam Ross, this recipe adds peach liqueur to the mix.

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