Strawberry Cocktails and Recipes

Bourbon StreetWhen strawberry season hits, we try to find every delicious excuse we can to use them in everything from cocktails to boozy desserts. Here are 10 ways to make the most of one of our favorite early-summer ingredients.

Artemis Flower
Named after the goddess of the hunt, this twist on strawberry limeade balances rich bourbon and sambuca with fresh strawberry and thyme.

Bourbon Street (pictured)
Bourbon and strawberries are a match made in cocktail heaven, and ginger and honey syrups make this drink even more delicious.

Castillan Cup
This cocktail is inspired by classic Pimm’s Cup and sangria recipes, and it’s guaranteed to lower your core temperature a few degrees.

Champagne Whiskey Punch
Joy Richard originally made this punch for a summertime meeting of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), but it can easily be enjoyed all year-round.

Corzo Holly
Reposado tequila blends beautifully with fresh strawberries, lime, basil and balsamic vinegar in this springtime sipper

Strawberry Cooler
Vodka, vermouth and fresh strawberries make for a light and refreshing cocktail that you’ll want to revisit all summer long.

Strawberry-Prosecco Sorbet
A delicate balance of strawberries and sugar is the key to playing up the frizzante, Prosecco’s lightly sparkling quality, in this delicious sorbet from writer and food stylist Ellen Jackson.

Strawberry Wine Sorbet
Get a double dose of fresh strawberry flavor in this bright and juicy fruit wine-infused summery sorbet.

Sueno Cocktail
At his Los Angeles mezcal bar, Las Perlas, Raul Ystorza honors the Southern Mexico-born spirit with concoctions like this warm-weather beauty. He balances the drink’s spice and herb elements with a light, fruity blanco mezcal.

Vermouth Spritzer
Fresh, muddled strawberry meets two wine-based mixers in this summery, low-alcohol refresher.