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Chains to the Mast: A Strawberry Fernet Cocktail

UnderTow Chains to the Mast weekend project cocktail

A strawberry-coconut cocktail to tempt the Fernet shy.

The combination of strawberries and Fernet first came to Jason Asher, Barter & Shake VP of Beverage, when he paired sun-dried strawberries with a Jamaican-style rib dish for a Fernet dinner in Phoenix. The strawberry-infused Fernet went on to pop up in various forms at the Barter & Shake bars. But at nautical-themed UnderTow, according to Asher, this cocktail, is “an herbal Strawberry Daiquiri meets Miami Vice.”


  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 oz. Jamaican rum (UnderTow uses Wray & Nephew)
  • 3/4 oz. strawberry-infused Fernet Branca
  • 1/2 oz. coconut liqueur (UnderTow uses Kalani)
  • Tools:shaker, strainer, fine strainer
  • Glass:coupe
  • Garnish:strawberry slices


Add all of the ingredients to an ice-filled shaker and shake until chilled. Double strain into a coupe and garnish.

Strawberry-Infused FernetCombine 3/4 cup of frozen strawberries with 750ml Fernet Branca and let infuse for 24 hours at room temperature. Strain the strawberries with chinois. Apply gentle pressure to press some additional liquid out of the berries. Add 1/4 cup of white granulated sugar to the infused Fernet and stir until the sugar is fully dissolved. Do not cook. The infused Fernet will keep in a refrigerator for several weeks.

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