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Endless Spring: A Low-ABV Cocktail

Endless Spring strawberry cocktail

This simple low-proof sipper is an easy-drinking delight.

How can just half a strawberry make this low-ABV cocktail burst with fruity flavor? It’s thanks to the other ingredients that enhance its “strawberry-ness,” says Natasha David, author of Drink Lightly (available April 5). “The Lillet Rosé is delicate and nuanced and reminds me of the stems and tops of a strawberry where there might still be a tiny bit of green,” David writes. “Amaro Ramazzotti, on the other hand, is deep and rich, voluptuous and ripe.”


  • Tools:shaker, strainer, fine-mesh strainer, barspoon
  • Glass:highball
  • Garnish:strawberry half


Lightly muddle the half strawberry in a shaker. Add the Lillet, Ramazzotti, lemon juice, and syrup. Add ice and shake. Fine-strain into a highball glass with cubed ice. Top with the bubbly water. Stir to incorporate all the ingredients. Garnish with the remaining strawberry half.

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