Lesser-Known Classic Cocktails Worth Discovering

While classics like the Martini and Manhattan get their fair share of attention, cocktail history books are brimming with lesser-known recipes worth discovering. From Savoy Cocktail Book treasures to recipes from Charles H. Baker, here are 17 classics you might not know but should definitely try.

A La Louisiane
The unapologetically boozy cocktail came out of New Orleans in the 19th century.

Simple and low in alcohol, the Adonis is the perfect aperitif.

A three-ingredient gem to add to your classic cocktail repertoire.

Apparent Cocktail
An update on the classic from the Savoy Cocktail Book.

Baby Darling
A little-known Italian cocktail from the ’60s.

One of the few classic cocktails to highlight Irish whiskey.

Casino Cocktail
An old tom cocktail worth revisiting.

Churchill Manhattan
This smoky Manhattan variation was created by legendary Savoy Hotel bartender Joe Gilmore.

An elegant mix of bourbon, rum, lemon and orange.

Creole Cocktail
Another New Orleans classic.

Daisy de Santiago
Charles H. Baker called the drink “a lovely thing introduced to us through the gracious offices of the late Facundo Bacardi.”

El Morocco
Another Charles H. Baker classic made with brandy and ruby port.

Fallen Angel
Gin, lime and crème de menthe combine in this once-forgotten Prohibition-era classic.

Jockey Club
An oldie but goodie from the Savoy Cocktail Book.

Lucien Gaudin
Fancy a bittersweet gin cocktail? Try this elegant classic.

Saturn Cocktail
A gin-based tiki classic.

Twelve Mile Limit
A Prohibition-era cocktail worth revisiting.

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