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Love bourbon but looking for a refreshing whiskey drink to beat the heat this summer other than a Mint Julep or a spiked iced tea? Here are 12 summery bourbon cocktails to help you cool down whether you’re porchside or poolside.

Ananda Spritz

A sparkling wine cocktail that sings with tropical flavors. 

Better Buck Tomorrow

Stone fruit and tea combine for the perfect warm-weather refresher.

Gold Rush

It doesn’t get much more beautifully uncomplicated than this cocktail: a variation of the classic Whiskey Sour that’s made with honey instead of simple syrup.

Good Samaritan

This equal-parts beauty pairs the richness of bourbon and sherry with the bright sweetness of banana liqueur and lemon juice.

Iron Ranger

High-proof bourbon sets a bold tone for this tropical refresher from Raised by Wolves in San Diego.

Kentucky Bird

A whiskey drinker’s Jungle Bird.

The Levity of Bourbon Cocktail

In this bourbon cocktail, the whiskey anchors a fruity blend of PX sherry, pineapple, lemon, blackberry, and honey.

Need More Derby

A peppery orange and peppercorn syrup adds layers of sweetness and spice to this whiskey-based drink.

Porch Punch

Planning some warm-weather entertaining? This bourbon punch will become a perennial party favorite.

Queen Bee

This cocktail gets an especially summery boost from a thyme-honey syrup and crushed ice.

Veranda Vernacular

Light and drinkable, this bourbon-spiked sweet tea delivers soft, cooling peach and mint flavors.

Whiskey Daisy

Bourbon meets rye in this contemporary daisy.

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