Wine Cocktails for Summer

A good summery spritz or ice-cold glass of frosé will never go out of style, but this summer we’re letting wine do even more of the talking via these delicious wine cocktails. Want to take your mixing to the next level and invent a cooler of your own? Here’s some advice.

Amaro Kalimocho
The Spanish favorite (typically made with red wine and cola) gets a bitter boost.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning
This variation on the Tinto de Verano (red wine and lemon-lime soda) adds cold-brew, lemon and tonic.

The Ballerina
A low-proof wine cocktail that highlights rosé and a grapefruit-rosemary syrup.

Barrio Sour
This agave sour gets an added flavor boost from the addition of a spiced red wine float.

Life on Freezy Street
A breezy blend of Sav Blanc, passion fruit, apricot, citrus and honey.

L’Auberge Español
A fruity rosé takes the lead in this easy-drinking Paloma riff.

New York Sour
This classic cocktail featuring a float of red wine has sparked dozens of riffs.

Peacock Buck
An easygoing mix of rosé, dry vermouth, lime and ginger.

This Isn’t Goodbye
Green tea gets a fizzy boost from sparkling wine in this simple summer punch.

Up Town
A Lambrusco syrup brings color and flavor to this frothy sour.

White Port and Tonic
A simple low-proof aperitif that lets the fortified wine shine.

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