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cure new orleans

How to Bring Your Favorite Bar’s Vibes Home & Support Them With Your Next Virtual Happy Hour

Some playlists from our ongoing Spotify series, with links to donate to each bar’s fundraising efforts.

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Cocktail Bar Playlists

Bartenders Shape the Sound of The Violet Hour in Chicago

An eclectic mix celebrates the styles and personalities of the bar staff.

The Bemelmans Bar Playlist Celebrates New York History

A dose of New York nostalgia courtesy of one of the city's most legendary bars.
kindred san diego

Heavy Metal Meets Hospitality at Kindred in San Diego

The SoCal bar's soundtrack is a mix of melodic metal, British new wave metal and classic rock. 
Kimball House

A Southern Playlist Sets The Tone for Atlanta’s Kimball House

The soundtrack mixes Americana, southern soul, country and a dash of cowpunk.
rob roy

Rob Roy Seattle’s Unexpectedly Modern Bar Playlist

Modern tracks from Lizzo, Janelle Monae, HAIM, or Phantogram make for an especially upbeat soundtrack.

The Rock ‘N Roll DNA Playlist of Midnight Rambler

The sonic landscape of the Dallas bar tunes into the history of the genre.
canon seattle

Canon Seattle’s All-American Playlist

Play it on shuffle and pair with a dram of your favorite whiskey. 
trick dog playlist

The Soundtrack of Trick Dog

An energetic playlist that spans decades and genres.
mexico city drinks culture

The Mystical Music of Xaman in Mexico City

Take a musical journey to one of the best cocktail bars in the CDMX.
cure new orleans

The Eclectic Playlists of Cure New Orleans

Escape to a different side of New Orleans with the bar's genre-bending playlist. 
the varnish

A Perfect Playlist from The Varnish

Channel the vibes of the venerable LA bar during your next cocktail hour.
pastry war

The Pastry War Playlist Is A Tribute to Mexico

A cocktail-friendly playlist that'll transport you to Mexico.

Tokyo Record Bar’s Perfect Playlists

Why a bar's music is as important as the drinks.
Music at Smuggler's Cove

The Soundtrack of Smuggler’s Cove

How music helps define the vibe of San Francisco's beloved tiki bar.


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