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A RAMONA Happy Hour Playlist From Jordan Salcito

When sommelier Jordan Salcito launched RAMONA back in 2016, she didn’t simply up the ante on the quality of ingredients used to make canned wine (RAMONA is made with Italian organic wine and real fruit juice), she also infused the category with her trademark sense of joy, fun, and style. Salcito has been making wine pairing playlists for years, and she knows how to use music to help create a perfect aperitivo vibe. “The ties between wine and music are fascinating if you feel like digging deeper—winemaking can sometimes take a very spiritual dimension, and some producers believe that music, through its energy, can play an important role,” she says. The key to both a good playlist and a good wine list, she adds, is balance. In the case of the music, it’s a balance between fast and slow beats, and new and old songs.

For this compilation, which Salcito created specially for Imbibe with the help of her colleague Nicole Schumann, she assembled a list of songs that speak to female empowerment while also serving as “the musical equivalent to a good aperitivo hour, whether sitting poolside or on the fire escape of my apartment.” With tracks that span generations, from Lizzo to Carly Simon, it’s an upbeat playlist that’s “unapologetically feminine in its spirit and celebrates trailblazers who are not afraid to take risks, with a smile,” she adds.

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