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There are plenty of occasions that call for mixed drinks without the booze. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite zero-proof drink recipes, and be sure to check out these helpful tips from Clover Club‘s Julie Reiner if you want to create your own recipe from scratch.

Coffee or Tea

Early Girl’s Tea Party Early Girl tomatoes add a sweet, earthy complexity to this recipe inspired by the Arnold Palmer.

Eden’s River Tomato water serves as base for this summery mix, which also features iced matcha, ginger syrup, and peach bitters.

Espresso Tonic Lime syrup adds sweet depth to the drink.

Matcha Lassi A creamy yogurt drink inspired by the classic Indian lassi.

Sixth Hour Chamomile tea meets up with pineapple and lime.

The Traveler Espresso meets bitters, allspice, vanilla, and cola.

Spirit-Free Classics

Booze-Free Painkiller A zero-proof take on the beloved tiki cocktail.

Faux 75 Bitter-lemon soda stands in for gin (or Cognac) and Champagne in this simple spin on a classic French 75.

Fig & Coconut ColadaA tropical delight that shows that “fun” and “alcohol-free” are not mutually exclusive.

Jasmine Green Tea Mimosa A tea-based twist on the brunch classic, without the booze.

Juniper & Tonic A flavorful juniper syrup mimics gin’s botanicals in this alcohol-free spin on the classic G&T.

N/AGroni A booze-free recipe inspired by two Italian classics.

Orange-Cardmamom Coffee “Old Fashioned” The tried-and-true combo of orange and cardamom shines.

Queen Garden SwizzleThis zero-proof drink is an extra-refreshing take on the classic Queen’s Park Swizzle.

Herbs and Veggies

Basically A Salad This crisp, earthy N/A cocktail lives up to its name.

Cucumber Thyme Fizz A cooling mix of cucumber and thyme.

Garden Collins Celery bitters and Seedlip make for a perfectly herbaceous flavor match.

Lux Princess Almonds and coconut combine with fresh mint and sparkling water.

Miss Nightingale Sage and cinnamon lend a soft earthiness to this hibiscus drink.

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