Low-ABV Cocktails

January signifies a fresh start, and sometimes that can mean taking the booze intake down a notch. For anyone looking to ease back this month (instead of abstaining entirely), queue up one of these low-ABV drinks, perfect for everything from brunch to happy hour to after-dinner drinks.

Belafonte Spritz
A mere half ounce of gin shines in this sherry and prosecco cocktail.

Bellissimo Aperitivo
A beautifully balanced mix of sweet vermouth, fino sherry and Fernet-Branca.

Breakfast in Bed
Orange marmalade makes this low-abv cocktail sing.

Dunmore Cobbler
ABV’s Dunmore Cobbler bursts with nutty sherry, a scant half ounce of Scotch and bright lemon and pineapple.

Floopy Disk
A grapefruit base gets a boost of flavor from a bit of mezcal and Cynar.

Cocchi Americano and fino sherry meet up in this supremely refreshing highball.

Landing Gear Fizz
A falernum cocktail blending clove and cinnamon flavors with the bold, bitter notes of Punt e Mes.

Inside Out
A minty take on the Reverse Manhattan.

Rosé Negroni
Gin steps aside for two types of rosé in this low-ABV stunner.

The Suspender
Three kinds of aperitivo make for a bittersweet low-proof treat.

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