Low-ABV Cocktail: Floppy Disk

floppy-disk-bar-kismet-vertical-web-crdt-jessica-eminThis low-ABV cocktail gets a boost of flavor from mezcal and Cynar.

2 oz. fresh ruby red grapefruit juice
½ oz. Cynar
½ oz. dry curaçao
¼ oz. mezcal (Cormier uses Del Maguey Vida)
2 oz. chilled soda
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: double Old Fashioned
Garnish: grapefruit slice

Combine the first 4 ingredients with ice and shake to chill. Add the soda to an ice-filled glass, then strain into the glass. Garnish.

Jenner Cormier, Bar Kismet, Halifax, Nova Scotia