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Apple brandy—and its close relatives Calvados and applejack—is the essence of autumn distilled. In these apple brandy cocktails from around the country, the spice notes of the spirit bring warmth and depth to each glass.

Alternative Medicine A delicious twist on the Penicillin.

All Jacked Up A bold cocktail for adventurous drinkers.

Apple Kickin’ Japanese whisky, Calvados, and amaro create flavor fireworks.

Apple Press You could call this “apple three ways.”

Bertram’s Cap A riff on the Brown Derby.

Brass Elephant Nocino lends bittersweetness to this seasonal cocktail.

Concrete Slippers Apple brandy meets ancho chile. 

Coperta da Sci Warming layers of apple brandy, alpine amaro, sweet vermouth, and crème de cacao.

Escape from New York Coconut and pineapple take this cocktail in a tropical direction.

Jack Rose One of the most famous cocktails made with apple brandy.

La Condesa Equal parts apple brandy, mezcal, and sweet vermouth.

Maestra Rum and brandy share the billing in this autumnal sipper.

Nassau Street Apple brandy, vermouth, and Cynar merge seamlessly.

Normandie Club Old Fashioned Apple brandy supports a rich coconut-infused bourbon.

Normandy Old Fashioned French and American brandies build a strong foundation for this elegant cocktail.

Pan-American Clipper A classic combo of apple brandy, lemon, lime, grenadine, and absinthe. 

Vitamin C Bitter orange meets the crisp backbone of Manzanilla sherry.

Walter Mondale An easy El Presidente variation.

Widow’s Kiss A beguiling take on a classic.

Without Borders Apple brandy is tempered by the sweetness of maraschino liqueur and Bénédictine, then brightened up with fresh citrus. 

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