No. 70 November/December 2017

November/December 2017 Issue



    Sage Hive, Hanky Panky, Cynar Flip with IPA, Grant Ave. Flip, The French Toast Flip, Abbey Street Punch, Kinsale King, Black Heart Flip, Carmencita, Coquito, The Sun, Il Panetùn, Rudolph Collins, The Last Waltz, Graped Crusader, Twill Serve


    Bourbon Balls, Red (Wine) Velvet Cake


    Joy to the World

    Traditions come alive in holiday cocktails from around the globe.

  • Day Dream
  • Holiday Gift Guide

    Imbibe-approved gifts for everyone on your list. Read More »

    Jump Start

    For struggling cities, breweries can be social and economic engines.

    Boom Boxes

    How today’s winemakers are shedding the stigma of boxed wine. Read More »

  • 6 Boxed Wines To Try
  • The Spice Trail

    Even in modern times, chai stays true to its roots. Read More »

    Southern Exposure

    From cocktails to beer, Sydney is taking Australia’s drinks to the top.



    Barrel-aged sour beers, sage cocktails, anatomy of the Hanky Panky, an inside look at Sertodo Copper, three plays on the classic flip, and Alton Brown of Good Eats chats about eating on the road, holiday traditions, and the pleasures of cooking at home.


    The Tap-Icer’s journey from bar essential to afterthought.

    Taste Test

    Ideal for the holiday table, Northwest Rieslings rise to the occasion.


    Brighten your holiday cocktails with decorative stirrers.


    Stout lends an unmistakable richness to winter cocktails.


    David Suro embraces tequila’s traditions. Read More »

    Mix It Up

    Bourbon balls are a boozy holiday favorite.

    Scene Scout

    Bartender Shawn Soole on where to drink in Victoria, British Columbia.


    Red wine adds a welcome twist to a classic cake.


    Cutting through winter’s gloom with flames and spirits.

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