Champagne Cocktails

spiced pear punch recipeChampagne cocktails are a fun way to put an even more celebratory twist on the traditional glass of bubbly. From a Kentucky classic to an Italian-inspired sipper, here are 10 sparkling cocktails that will add a little extra pop to your Champagne glass.

Orange blossom honey is a staple behind the bar of San Francisco’s Beretta and is put to perfect use in this luscious and effervescent cocktail.

Champagne Pear
Dress up any glass of bubbly with a simple splash of pear eau de vie.

Champagne and Elderflower Cocktail
Light and fizzy and a bit sweet, this year-round cocktail is as easy to mix as it is to sip.

Gin Punch
Loads of fresh fruit, gin and Champagne combine in this 19th-century punch reimagined by New York City’s Employees Only bar.

Limoncello Sparkler
Limoncello adds a dose of liquid sunshine to this cocktail mixed with Cointreau and sparkling wine.

The Midtown
Light and refreshing, this sparkling cocktail riffs off the classic French 75.

Add a little southern style to your cocktail with this classic mix of bourbon, bitters and bubbly.

Spiced Pear Punch
A spiced pear purée mingles with several different spirits, fresh citrus and prosecco in this crowd-friendly sparkling punch.

Texas Fizz
The refreshing Texas Fizz beautifully balances dry and fruity flavors.

Treaty of Paris
Tea tannins bring an underlying dryness to this Champagne cocktail.