Champagne Cocktails For Special Occasions

Champagne cocktails are a fun way to put an even more celebratory twist on the traditional glass of bubbly. From a Prohibition classic to an Italian-inspired modern sipper, here are some of our favorite ways to add a little extra pop to your cocktail glass.

Champagne Elderflower
Light and fizzy and a bit sweet, this year-round vodka cocktail is as easy to mix as it is to sip.

Champagne Whiskey Punch
Tart raspberries and bright lemon help temper the oak and vanilla flavors of the whiskey in this punch from The Dawson in Chicago.

Cranberry Rum Punch
Fresh cranberries and warm mulling spices mingle in this rum-rich holiday cocktail from Eric Prum and Josh Williams’ book Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water.

French 75
Whether you’re entertaining for the holidays or having a summer picnic, this early 20th-century sparkling gem is a perfect year-round cocktail.

Limoncello Sparkler
Limoncello adds a dose of liquid sunshine to this low-ABV cocktail mixed with Cointreau and sparkling wine.

Northern Lights
This sparkling cocktail gets saucy, thanks to several barspoons of a favorite holiday condiment.

Spiced Pear Punch
A spiced pear purée mingles with several different spirits, fresh citrus and prosecco in this crowd-friendly sparkling punch.

Veronica Rose
Aperol sets the tone for this low-alcohol rose-hued drink from Polite Provisions.