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Vermouth’s original companions may have been no more illustrious than a simple dribble of water or a lump of ice. But in the late 19th century, when this European import encountered gin and whiskey in American bars, it not only made vermouth a cocktail staple but also spurred a level of innovation that still resonates today. The modern cocktail renaissance saw bartenders renewing their appreciation for vermouth, which in turn energized the category.

Even with vermouth’s resurgence, there’s still plenty of room for more. “Vermouth is vital to many of the classic cocktails we know and love—and still, we under-use it,” says Sother Teague, beverage director for Amor y Amargo in New York City. “Not enough people think about vermouth when making modern cocktails. It brings a juicy quality, some bitterness, sweetness, lightness—it can cover a lot of bases, in both shaken and stirred drinks.”

When moved into a starring role, vermouth can make for especially delicious cocktail creations. Here are some recipes that showcase its versatility.


A split-base classic that’s a go-to around the world.

Bellissimo Aperitivo

A balance of sweet vermouth with dry fino sherry and Fernet-Branca.


This little-known vermouth classic might be ready to bloom again.

Clean Slate

A punchy mix of sherry, bianco vermouth, Salers and bitters.

Hello Stranger Cocktail

Spanish vermouth and passion fruit turn this low-ABV cocktail into what its creator, Summer-Jane Bell of Hello Stranger in Oakland, calls a “dance-floor crusher.”


A low-ABV vermouth version of the Chartreuse Swizzle.

Inside Out

When you invert the traditional ratio of whiskey and vermouth in the classic Manhattan recipe, a softly sweet riff emerges.

Intro to Vermouth

A rich trio of vermouths.

Lavender Blanc Cocktail

This easy drinking cocktail matches dry vermouth with soft lavender bitters and tonic water.

Milano Torino

Equal parts bitter and sweet, this simple Negroni ancestor is almost too easy to mix.

Moi Cocktail

A piney juniper-forward gin adds a bright pop to vermouth and crème de cassis.

Parisian Dispatch

Blanc vermouth lends an herbaceous base to this elegant mix.

Pom Royale Vermouth Slushie

This vermouth and wine slushie is the perfect warm-weather refresher.

Rebekah Peppler’s Vermouth Spritz

An easy-going mix of blanc vermouth, orange bitters, sparkling wine, and soda.

Ric Pear Blanc

This vermouth cocktail accents blanc vermouth’s floral, fruity character with the flavors of pear and ginger.

Three of a Kind

Aperitivo vibes but spirit-forward.

Vermouth Cobbler

This cocktail’s simple build perfectly highlights the complex flavor of fortified wine.

Vermouth Flip

Chocolate-infused Carpano Antica complements the herbal bitterness of Fernet, while an egg lends a rich and velvety texture, making this the perfect stand-in for dessert.

Vermut Preparado

The beauty of this cocktail is how easy it is to customize it to your tastes, be it with fruit liqueurs or bitter ingredients.

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