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Looking for crowd-pleasing zero-proof drinks for all those summertime get-togethers? Skipping alcohol doesn’t have to mean skimping on flavor and creativity. These 15 spirit-free summer drinks include aguas frescas, cold brews, and alcohol-free vacation libations.

Agua de Mélon

Bricia Lopez of Los Angeles’ James Beard-winning Guelaguetza restaurant shares her secret to making a perfectly balanced agua de melón.

Blank Slate’s Spirit-Free Vacation Drink

Evoke beachy vibes with this no-alcohol vacation drink in which the tartness of passion fruit is smoothed out by orgeat and coconut milk.

Blind Serpent: Grapefruit and Cucumber Tonic

Quench that summertime thirst with this spirit-free grapefruit and cucumber tonic.

Booze-Free Painkiller

A zero-proof take on a beloved topical cocktail. 

Coffee Lemonade

Coffee and lemonade are surprisingly natural cohorts.

Howie Bling

A summery blend of green tea, pineapple, and jalapeño.

Lemongrass and Coconut Iced Herbal Tea

For an instant tropical vacation, sip on this refreshing lemongrass and coconut iced herbal tea.

Lux Princess

Almonds and coconut combine with fresh mint in this delicious zero-proof recipe from Coltivare Houston.


A medley of spice and fruit makes for a refreshing summer drink.

The Mothership’s Spirit-Free Painkiller

To keep costs down for this spirit-free Painkiller, instead of using a nonalcoholic spirit The Mothership tops it with tonic for a bittering effect.


This grenadine highball taps the flavor power found in basic home-bar ingredients but skips the booze.

New Orleans Chicory Cold Brew

Whip up Blue Bottle Coffee‘s easily batched New Orleans chicory cold brew coffee for a solo drinker or a party crowd. Here’s how to create the cold-brew concentrate.

Nitro Root Beer Float

This easy-to-mix root beer float uses a root beer syrup and the smoothness of nitro coffee to mimic an old-fashioned float.


A homemade peach-cardamom syrup adds fruit and spice flavors to this summery foamed oat milk-topped cold brew.

Tropical Harvest

In this tropically styled recipe from bartender Natasha David, the spirit-free Seedlip anchors a mix of mango honey, coconut cream, and lemon.

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