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Versatile and easy-drinking, the Sherry Cobbler remains as beloved today as it was more than a century ago. In his 1888 Bartender’s Manual, Harry Johnson noted the cocktail was “without doubt the most popular beverage in the country,” and Charles Dickens famously name-checked the drink in The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. This enduring popularity is due in part to the formula’s simplicity—sherry, sugar, and seasonal fresh fruit—which invites creative interpretation. Here are a dozen Sherry Cobbler recipes to take for a spin.

Burnt Orange Sherry Cobbler
A sherry cobbler that gets an extra boost of Japanese whisky.

Dunmore Cobbler
This recipe bursts with nutty sherry, peaty Scotch and bright lemon and pineapple.

Ernesto’s Cobbler
A riot of citrus puts a bright spin on the classic.

Gran Cobbler
Sweet Vermouth steps in for sherry in this absinthe-kissed cobbler.

Kind of BlueBlueberry gives this Cobbler extra-summery flavor.

Meyer’s Cobbler
Flush with fresh fruit and anchored with boozy rum and sherry.

No Vermouth in Duluth
Fresh lime juice and pineapple syrup brighten this riff from Porchlight.

Roosevelt Room Sherry Cobbler
A blend of sherries create a complex base.

Spanish Shoemaker Cobbler
This lush sherry cobbler recipe has an underlying spice flavor thanks to cinnamon and pecan liqueur.

Sweet Liberty’s Sherry Cobbler
Elderflower liqueur and honey complement the dryness of fino sherry.

Trinidad Cobbler
This version marries nutty sherry with tropical juices, a tinge of cinnamon-pineapple syrup and a healthy dose of bitters.

Vitamin C CobblerSweet orange juice meets the crisp backbone of manzanilla sherry.

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