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The holiday season is a perfect time for amari, thanks to the category’s unique ability to work in both aperitif and post-dinner drinks. The choices are vast when it comes to amari, but this year we’re especially intrigued by the sultry qualities of Rabarbaro, a subset of the amaro family defined by the addition of Chinese rhubarb. Unlike the fresh, pink-hued rhubarb stalks that can add a tart edge to cocktails in the spring, the dried root lends an earthy, smoky quality to the blend of botanicals. Only a few brands are available in the U.S.—Zucca is the sweeter of the two, with a smoothness that makes it a great sipping option, while Cappelletti’s Amaro Sfumato Rabarbaro lands on the more woodsy side of the spectrum, with less sugar and more of a smokey quality. Both work beautifully in cocktails. Start with a Rhubarb Negroni or a Business Class, then mix your way through these more adventurous recipes to explore how the ingredient works in cocktails.

First Wave
A blend of bright citrus, tart cider and smoky Scotch.

Cosa Nostra
A mix of bourbon, Campari and a double hit of amari.

Ramble On
Aged tequila and apple brandy find a flavor match in rhubarb and raspberry.

Rhubarb-accented Zucca meets Strega and bitters.

Harvard Sour
An applejack and Armagnac cocktail that captures the essence of fall.

The World Reversed
A unique combo of brandy, Branca Menta and amaro.

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