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Drink of the Week: Zucca Rabarbaro


Reprising a century-old recipe, and joining the march of new and classic amari finding wider distribution (and eager imbibers), Zucca Rabarbaro has re-launched with a revitalized flavor and more potent kick. Made from Chinese rhubarb, and with a botanical bill including bitter orange peel and cardamom, the amaro has been a bartender’s darling for years. Now under the helm of Disaronno International, the new distribution (you won’t find the previous version on shelves moving forward) has an alcohol content nearly doubled from the original of 16 percent. With a sweet, medicinal aroma, the resurrected formula is brightly bitter up front, with thick molasses flavors smoothing to a lightly smoky sweetness and a pleasingly spiced finish. The boosted alcohol content makes it an easy sub for a cocktail base spirit, or perhaps your favorite Negroni riff?


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