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ND22 cover

No. 100 November/December 2022

ND22 cover

We’re excited about more than just the holiday season these days here at Imbibe. As we were starting to prepare our annual holiday drinks coverage, we realized that the magazine’s odometer was about to roll over, and that we were assembling Imbibe’s 100th issue.

When Imbibe first launched in early 2006, the notion that we’d eventually be planning our 100th issue seemed pretty ambitious. The publishing world, after all, isn’t kind to startups, and independent magazines often have tragically short lifespans. But thanks to an endlessly fascinating and evolving drinks world, and an immensely talented crew of writers, photographers, illustrators, and supporters of all stripes, we’ve been fortunate enough to keep bringing you the best of the beverage world, issue after issue.

So what’s in store for Issue No. 100? Well, it’s the holiday season after all, so check out our annual holiday drinks feature filled with low-ABV cocktail recipes to get you through the marathon of seasonal celebrations. We’ve also assembled our holiday gift guide to help take care of your shopping list.

Contributing editor Josh Bernstein’s been with us since our first few issues, and he shares the story of Belgian beer’s evolving fortunes in the U.S. This issue also features a twofer from Wayne Curtis, another long-haul Imbibe contributor: Check out his Mixopedia column on the first legal Martini after Prohibitions’ repeal and his profile of New Orleans bar owner (and Tales of the Cocktail co-owner) Neal Bodenheimer.

We’re also exploring the wines of Bordeaux and the region’s wine geography, mixing up cardamom cocktails, keeping warm with a deep dive into hot chocolate, and discovering the Jewish history of the island of Curaçao, and the liqueur that carries its name.

We’ve got 100 reasons to celebrate this holiday season, and we owe a mountain of gratitude to our loyal readers and subscribers for supporting us along the way. Thanks so much for sticking with us over the years, and here’s to the next 100 issues.

Happy holidays,

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