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An entertaining essential, wine chillers can sometimes put form over function, or vice versa, so it’s a boon to find options that offer both style and substance. Whether you’re the host dressing a table to impress or the guest trying to keep things cool in transit, these vessels will be sure to catch all eyes before anyone even sees the wine labels inside.

Calacatta Gold Wine Chiller

S’well has come a long way into its product line since the initial launch of its signature water bottle, offering an array of barware that includes the Calacatta Gold Wine Chiller. Possessing the same Therma-S’well technology as the brand’s other drinkware, the wine chiller’s triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction will keep bottles cold for that much longer. Plus, the Calacatta print with a high-gloss finish makes it a chic addition to any dining table. $40,

Double-Wall Acrylic Wine Chiller

No need to fret about knocking over this wine chiller. Its build of shatterproof and break-resistant acrylic makes it a champion of low maintenance, while the double-walled thermal barrier keeps wines and Champagnes (a bottle size that many wine chillers don’t have the holding capacity for) cold for hours. Plus, the crystal-clear construction keeps wine labels in full view. $26.99,

Cyprus Wine Chiller

Made in Portugal, this stoneware chiller adds a personal, handcrafted touch to the table. In the kiln, the mineral-rich glazes react with the firing process, resulting in a high-gloss finish and ombré shading, creating an aesthetic masterpiece with unique color variations on each vessel. $34.95,

Marta Barragan Camarasa Botanical Collection Wine Chiller

Deny Designs produces a plethora of brightly patterned housewares, sourcing from a gallery of more than 180 artists. The wine chillers come in a myriad of playful designs, such as this botanical motif from artist Marta Barragan Camarasa. With a lightweight, stainless-steel construction, it can keep bottles cold for around two hours. $69,

Wood Marble Wine Cooler

Utilizing organic materials in a chic, minimalist style, this wine chiller emphasizes aesthetic appeal while the dense stone naturally holds a cold temperature for hours. The handcrafted construction of white marble with a mango wood base makes it a thoughtful centerpiece for bottles, and can even double as a flower vase once the wine bottles are empty. $39.95,

Vinglacé Wine Chiller

From flutes to tumblers, Vinglacé’s collections emphasize portability, insulation, and especially showmanship, with matte-finished color options that offer engraving opportunities for an extrapersonal gifting touch. The wine chiller provides both style and protection with an adjustable screwtop, making it easily transportable while accommodating various bottle sizes. $89.95,

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