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As the real chill of December finally starts to settle in, that means one thing—it’s time for hot chocolate! Here are some of our favorite recipes, from traditional versions to those elevated with a nip or two of booze.

Ancho Chile Hot Chocolate

Smoky ancho chile liqueur lends some heat and spice to this tequila-fueled hot chocolate.


Bicerin, the spiritual predecessor to the mocha, is an elegant layered pick-me-up with melted chocolate, frothy milk, and espresso.


Learn how to make champurrado, a masa-based hot chocolate from Mexico that’s traditionally consumed around the holidays.

Dutch Cocoa

In this rich indulgence, genever introduces a subtle maltiness, while Chartreuse lends an herbaceous complexity.

Matcha and Mint Hot Chocolate

From Chicago pastry chef Mindy Segal, this matcha and mint hot chocolate recipe hits the spot on cold winter nights. 

Rum Hot Chocolate

The Standard in New York spikes its hot chocolate with aged Caribbean rum, to which we say, the more the merrier.  

Tahini Hot Chocolate

Tahini and two kinds of chocolate make this hot cocoa extra rich and creamy.

Thierry Rautureau’s Hot Chocolate

This decadent and creamy beverage is especially cozy when served with a side of toasted brioche. 

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