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Orgeat Cocktails

Orgeat may be best known as a staple of tiki cocktails, but it’s an incredibly versatile ingredient. Whether it’s used to bring a layer of nuttiness to whiskey drinks or complement the earthiness of mezcal and tequila, orgeat excels at its ability to lend creamy balance to cocktails. Here are 20 ways to put your next homemade batch or store-bought bottle to use. For commercial orgeat, try Giffard,  Small Hand Foods or BG Reynolds, but be aware that some of these recipes call for DIY orgeat, so check out this recipe for classic orgeat our this recipe for pistachio orgeat if you want to experiment a bit more.

The Casper
Reposado tequila meets homemade hazelnut orgeat and citrus.

Charo’s Kick
Orgeat lends a cooling nutty quality to this agave spirits-based cocktail.

The Chestnut Cup
The richness of orgeat meets the bright bitterness of Campari and lemon in this drink.

College Radio
A simple mix of bourbon, orange juice and orgeat goes through the blender.

Coronado Luau Special
A tiki drink that originally appeared on the menu at the Luau Room at the Hotel Del Coronado.

Daiquiri D’Ananas
Earthy rhum agricole pairs perfectly with a sweet, juicy pineapple liqueur.

Early Start
At Better Luck Tomorrow, aquavit and sorrel find balance thanks to orgeat.

Fog Cutter
How they make the classic tiki drink at Lost Lake in Chicago.

Hazy Jane
Vodka and yogurt meet orgeat, lemon and cucumber in this creamy number from Portland.

Improved Japanese Cocktail
Brandy, orgeat, lemon and Peychaud’s bitters make up the Improved Japanese cocktail.

Jungle Booby
Tequila stars in this Jungle Bird variation, which also welcomes grapefruit and orgeat to the mix.

Orgeat helps balance  heavy cream and pandan with the spirited punch of rum and apple brandy.

Polynesian Remedy
This riff on the Penicillin replaces whisky with rum and adds a little orgeat to the mix.

Saturn Cocktail
A classic gin-based tiki drink.

Scorpion Reef
A recipe inspired by the flavors of pineapple flan.

Strange Weaver
A tropical Negroni riff from San Francisco.

Surf Liner
Pineapple and orgeat give this rye cocktail a tropical bent.

Tequila for Christmas
Devised for the holidays but delicious year-round, this tequila cocktail also includes pomegranate and orgeat.

Trinidad Sour
Orgeat softens a hefty dose of Angostura bitters in this modern classic.

Whiskey Daisy
Two kinds of whiskey combine with lemon and orgeat in this take on the 19th Century cocktail.

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