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Not exactly a cocktail itself, the flip is a class of drinks united through method and the emulsifying capabilities of the egg. The flip’s history dates back more than three centuries, and early Colonial versions included ale, rum, eggs, sugar and the use of a red-hot poker to heat and froth the mixture. Along the way, the poker disappeared from the process, as did beer (more or less), and the drink began to get smaller. In his 1862 book How to Mix Drinks, Jerry Thomas offers a handful of variations and notes of the process, “The essential in ‘flips’ of all sorts is to produce the smoothness by repeated pouring back and forward between two vessels…” Today the category is a veritable blank canvas, allowing bartenders to get creative with the combination of eggs and booze. Here we’ve rounded up some other recipes to add to your repertoire. Just be sure to brush up on how to make cocktails with eggs before mixing.

Coffee Cocktail
Cognac and port anchor this flip from Jerry Thomas (the name refers to the drink’s appearance, not the ingredients).

Crooklyn Flip
The warm, nutty flavor of brown ale matches the earthy notes of cinnamon and sherry.

East India Flip
A holiday-friendly cocktail featuring sherry, gin, cream, egg and bitters.

French Toast Flip
Maple and cinnamon echo the flavors of a brunch classic.

Flippin Weisnhimer Cocktail
Bavarian-style wheat beer meets soda-fountain nostalgia in this phosphate flip.

The Snowball
Cognac and dark rum share billing with egg and cream in this decadent treat.

Stumptown Vanilla Flip
The chocolaty notes of espresso harmonize with vanilla liqueur.

The Legend Continues
A rum-based flip with a sharp chicory note thanks to the addition of NOLA coffee liqueur.

Masala Flip
Inspired by the flavors of India, this flip features chai masala-infused rum, cinnamon and mace.

Vermouth Flip
Skip dessert. Drink this.

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