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Drink of the Week: Four Corners American Gin

Gin is a true shape-shifter of the spirits realm. It can be virtually anything a distiller wants it to be, the botanical bill limited only by imagination and the nonnegotiable inclusion of juniper. And while the drink’s history may have significant historical ties to the United Kingdom and Holland, the spirit has been adopted and interpreted across the globe. It was this mindset that inspired the team behind Irish distillery Glendalough (and the terroir-centric Wild Botanical Irish Gin) to launch Four Corners American Gin. The aim was to create a version of the spirit that truly embraced the essence and ecological diversity of the United States.

The team at Four Corners tapped distiller Christian Krogstad, whose creation of Aviation Gin in 2006 was a seminal point in the growing American gin market. Krogstad recruited herbalist Elizabeth McElligott to help source strictly domestic botanicals representative of the diverse ecosystems and flavors to be found in the U.S. Juniper is harvested from the high desert of central and eastern Oregon and includes both the berries and needles. Wild cherry bark from Florida brings a subtle, nutty sweetness; tart, brightly acidic cranberries are sourced from Maine; yerba santa from the Mojave gives an earthy, herbal note; cascara sagrada from the coastal Pacific Northwest provides woody flavors of vanilla and spice.

Produced in Portland, Oregon, the Four Corners American Gin, which released, appropriately, on July 4, is an intriguing distillation of flavors. Although present, the juniper takes a back seat, while earthier, herbal flavors and a black pepper spice come to the forefront, softened by floral notes and a hint of creamy vanilla. Distinctive enough to stand on its own in a Martini or Gin & Tonic, the gin could also easily adapt to your favorite cocktail. $43.99, fourcornersgin.com

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