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A drink as simple as the Gin & Tonic is easy to riff on. Add another ingredient to make it a seasonal cocktail or a hybrid of two classics, or completely change its format as a frozen or stirred drink. Here are nine recipes that take the G&T outside the box of just a basic highball.

Autumn Gin & Tonic

For an early autumnal vibe, infuse gin with apples.

Frozen Gin & Tonic

What’s more refreshing on a summer day than a Gin & Tonic? A frozen Gin & Tonic, especially one made with cooling cucumber.

Garden Gin & Tonic

A seasonal G&T that’s made for summertime sipping.

Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic

Flavor fireworks happen when cold-brew coffee and the classic gin and tonic collide.

Italian G&T

Italian flavors inspire this variation.

L’Escolar Gin & Tonic Riff

This riff leaves out the bubbles and adds Byrhh quinquina and bitters.

Saints G&T

At Chef José Andrés’ new Los Angeles rooftop restaurant, Agua Viva, the classic drink is warmed up by a bit of ginger and softened by aloe and elderflower liqueurs.

Simon’s Gin & Tonic

Why choose between a Martini and Gin & Tonic when you can have both?

Sloe Gin & Lemon Tonic

This twist on the G&T balances the sweetness of sloe gin with the bitterness of lemon tonic water.

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