Crème de Cacao Cocktails

No longer relegated to dessert cocktails, crème de cacao is increasingly making an appearance in drinks of all kinds. Read more about the chocolate liqueur from bartender Erick Castro, grab a bottle or mix up a batch at home, and bookmark these recipes to start your own mixing.

Ace of Clubs
An ultra-rich Daiquiri riff.

Black Gato
Two after-dinner staples meet in one sublime sipper.

Coperta da Sci
Warming layers of apple brandy, alpine amaro, sweet vermouth and crème de cacao.

Fogerty from ABV
Bitter Campari and softly sweet cacao merge seamlessly.

Golden Ghost
Opposites attract in this modern twist on the classic Bijou cocktail.

Improved Grasshopper
Paul Gustings’ version sticks close to the original but draws balance from a blend of liqueurs.

Negative Space
A bright and bubbly cocktail to lift those midwinter blues.

River Styx
Coffee and chocolate liqueurs play off the richness of bourbon and allspice dram.

Spritz in the Dark
An unusual collection of ingredients—including Canadian whisky and brut Champagne—marry in this great summer-to-fall Spritz.

Pisco takes the lead in this velvety-smooth holiday cocktail.