Coffee-Spiked Cocktail Recipes

The Espresso Martini and Irish Coffee paved the road for coffee’s home in cocktails, and now bartenders are finding all sorts of creative ways to incorporate your morning mug into a spirit-fueled cocktail. From traditional drip coffee to infusions, syrups and cold-brew concentrate, these coffee-spiked cocktail recipes are a great way to celebrate the coffee bean in boozy ways.

Blood Orange-Infused Cold Brew
Elevate your next cup of cold brew with this citrus-spiked variation..

Black Forest
Coffee’s complexity adds a layer of flavor to cocktails, like this Bénédictine-spiked beauty.

Broad Street Irish Coffee
Jackson Cannon achieves new levels of deliciousness with this riff on the classic.

Capo Lavoro
Cappelletti and cold-brew are a beautiful match.

Cold-Brew Coffee Negroni
Why use gin when you can get a little caffeinated push from cold-brew?

Honeyed Coffee Gin & Tonic
Cold-brew and honey boost the classic G&T.

Kiss of Steel
A rocking coffee cooler from San Diego’s Kindred.

Little Rhody: A Coffee Milk Cocktail
Coffee milk lends a creaminess to this bourbon and fernet cocktail.

Stumptown Vanilla Flip
Seattle’s love affair with coffee and cocktails fuse into one frothy treat in this vanilla-flecked sipper.

Spanish Coffee
A quintessential after-dinner coffee drink, this flaming cocktail combines a heady dose of rum with coffee and orange liqueurs, strong-brewed coffee (or espresso) and a dollop of whipped cream.

Me Quiero Casar
A creamy, cold-brew cocktail with an unexpected twist.

White Russian
And be sure to check out the classic coffee cocktail’s closest riffs.